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Sarah Hayashi | Soprano

Angela Lobato | Baroque Cello

Patrick Orlich | Harpsichord

Chaconne Ensemble is a unique, versatile, and vibrant ensemble comprised of a soprano, baroque cello and harpsichord continuo. They specialize in chamber music for solo voice and continuo of the 17th and 18th-centuries.


Originally formed in 2014, Chaconne Ensemble’s mission is to uncover and bring life to lesser-known or under-performed works by the Baroque Era’s most mainstream composers and their contemporaries, while also bringing new and fresh interpretations to well-loved repertoire.


The ensemble won both the Century Fund and Richard III Prize at the Royal College of Music Early Music Competition in 2015, as well as performed extensively with highlights being a concert for the Handel & Hendrix House in London, and being invited to perform at the Utrecht Early Music Fringe Festival.  


The members of the Chaconne Ensemble have extensive experience studying at prestigious institutions such as Peabody Institute, Royal College of Music, and Universität der Künste Berlin, and performing the early music repertoire, both as soloists, as well as part of larger ensembles. All having enjoyed success as solo musicians, their mutual enthusiasm and passion for this fantastic and extensive repertoire brought them together.

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